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1) What happens to my phone?
Your phone will be tested and categorized after we receive it. If the phone is in good working condition, it will be exported to developing countries to help improve their daily life. If you phone is damaged we still strive to repair it to extend its life and reduce the waste. If you phone is entirely beyond repair we will dismantle it and reuse any useful components. All other scraped parts will be recycled and processed environmentally.
2) Who can sell the mobile phone via EcoUrMobile website?
To be eligible to place an order on, you must be the resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, and you are at least 18 years old or you have obtained a parent's or a guardian's consent to sell the phone to us if you are under 18 years of age.
3) Can company, charity and other organizations use this service?
Yes, you are more than welcome to recycle your old phones via our website. Meanwhile, we recommended you contacting us directly if you have 10 or more handsets to be recycled. We may be able to arrange a free courier collection to save your time and get you paid quicker.
4) What does the working condition mean for your phone?
  • 1. A phone may be classified as working condition if it meets all the following criteria.
  • 2. The phone turns on and off, has complete housing and the battery.
  • 3. The LCD and other functions work properly such as charging, camera, touch screen.
  • 4. The phone has no liquid damage, no severe scratch and no missing / damaged parts.
  • 5. The phone must be in UK specification and it is NOT fake, stolen or blocked phone.
5) How many phones can I sell each time?
You can sell as many phones as you like in each single order. However, we reserve the complete right to reject any order in any circumstance. Please contact us to arrange the free courier service if you have 10 or more phones to be collected.
6) Can I sell any mobile phone?
Yes, you can sell your phones in any condition as long as they are listed in our website. If they are not listed in our website, please fell free to contact us and we will advise you the value of your phone.
7) What is the IMEI and how can I find it?
IMEI is the acronym of International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is the unique number to identify mobile phone. You can find the IMEI printed inside the battery compartment of the phone. It can also be displayed on the screen of the phone by entering *#06# into the keypad on most phones.
8) How can get paid?
You will be asked to select an option to receive the payment when placing an online order. Three options are available including Cheque, Bank Transfer and PayPal payment. This payment option cannot be changed once the order is placed.
9) When will I get paid?
We will arrange payment by your selected payment option within 3 working days after receiving your phone and providing that your phone meets our terms and condition.
10) How can I send my phone?
Please send us your phone using your own envelope or the Jiff envelope received from us. We strongly recommend you using the recorded delivery where you can track your order and get it insured should it get lost or damaged during the transit. Please send your order to the following address:

PO Box 5307
CV21 9JR

If you have 10 or more phones to be recycled, please fell free to contact us by email or phone. We can arrange the free courier collection.

Tel: 01788560061

Other Question or Problems
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or problems. One of our dedicated staff will be happy to assist you.

Email us: